June 14, 2012

Is anyone else hungry?

Day Four of my WW plan and I’m holding up pretty well.  I have my moments when I am just starving but I fix a cup of hot tea and it usually helps.   I have the 26 points I can eat a day but the extra points is where I have my issues.  Should I save them up and splurge on the weekend if Matt and I go out to dinner or should I spread them out and eat an extra 6 points a day?  I guess I will figure it out.  I have been going over my limit by 2-3 points a day.  I will check my weight again on Saturday because that will be a week since my official weigh in.

Yesterday my work shift was different and I worked from 10AM-9PM, this caused me to eat at different times and I got really hungry around 6PM.  It was hard but I noshed on fresh fruit to tide me over. 

I have tried several recipes from the WW website and so far I really like them.   Last night’s dinner was so-so, it wasn’t anything I would fix again but it was already fixed and so I ate it.  Here are the recipes I’ve tried so far.  Let me know if you try any!  Is anyone else doing Weight Watchers right now?

Baked Panko Crusted Swai  (7 points a serving)

I would make this again.  The fish was crispy even though it was baked because of the panko crust.  The only thing I would change is the herbs it suggests.  I would either just use Lawry’s seasoned salt or try a more mexican flair with cumin.

Cuban Chicken and Pineapple Salad (5 points a serving)

This was really good.  It wasn’t very filling so I also fixed yellow rice to supplment.  I gotta have my carbs!

Hamburger Noodle Bake (8 points a serving)

This was the so-so recipe I was talking about.  I omitted the crackers on top and didn’t add all of the cheese to reduce the points to 7 per serving.  It didn’t have much flavor to it, I would have liked more seasoning.

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