July 9, 2012

Holiday Weeks

I was at the same weight during my weigh in this week; 155 pounds.  That's good, it's definitely not bad.  As Matt told me, at least I didn't gain.  I know I need to up my activity to help drive my pounds down but with 102 degree heat, it is hard to motivate me.  

Have you had one of these kind of weeks?  A day that you went overboard on eating?  That was 4th of July for me.  It's going to happen and guess what, you just have to move on and not dwell on it.  It did make the rest of the week seriously hard because I didn't have any Weekly Points left to use.  I still went over every day at least 1-2 points, it was really hard to get around.  I just have to look forward and know that next week won't involve a holiday where there are yummy things to eat and so many temptations.  Let's not even think about my vacation in Florida in two weeks.  That week is not going to be tracked!

Today Matt and I decided to paint our bedroom.  I'm really bad at painting and it's hard work.  I dipped out early and Matt finished up the details.  He's happy because I'm really messy.  We chose Voyager by Valspar.  It had a blue tint when it was first applied which I did not like but as it has dried, it's more of a soft grey.  I love it.  What do you think?

I decided to make a little snack since it was about three hours before we planned on eating dinner.    I bought some beautiful okra at the Farmer's Market yesterday and decided to whip up some curried okra with a side of Trader Joe's garlic naan.

Start with fresh okra.  Rinse the pods right before cooking.

Garlic cloves, red chili, cumin seed, and black mustard seed.

Add garlic and chile and some salt to a mortar.

Grind up the spices with the pestle.  It's going to start smelling wonderful!

Add the cumin seeds and mustard seed to a hot oiled pan.  When they start to POP add the garlic/chili mixture.

Let the garlic cook for 1-2 minutes.

Add okra to pan and let brown 4-5 minutes.

Add water (chicken stock would be best) and let simmer 4-5 more minutes.

Serve with naan.  My fav is Trader Joe's garlic naan.

Don't be intimidated by Indian dishes.  Most curries involve basic ingredients: black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and chilies.  Add your veggies and you've got curry.  I will have to make curried chicken soon and show that recipe.  It's one of my favorite recipes I brought back from living in Fiji.  Have a great week!

July 1, 2012

Finishing out Week Two

Thanks to Sarah for introducing this new app!

Things are going well with WW!  I lost 2.7 more pounds this week.  I am super stoked, this is really working and it doesn't suck like some things I've tried before.  I haven't had any more grumpy days, which is amazing.  I have had the thought of "why am I doing this, I want to eat bad things now??" but it passed.  Thank goodness.

My favorite breakfast right now is smoked salmon on top of Laughing Cow swiss cheese on half a piece of toast.

Yes, I said half.  I've had to halve all of my carb intakes.  I'm quickly learning WW is a low carb "evil" diet.  I LOVE carbs, as do most people.  But, if you do only eat half, it's better than none at all!  Forget you Adkins!  I couldn't even stop eating this before I got a photo.  This breakfast is only four points which is awesome.  I have really cut down on my breakfast intake on WW.  Even though breakfast is the most important meal of the day doesn't mean you have to eat 3 cups of oatmeal.  This more than enough satisfies me.  I usually follow up with some fruit a few hours later and continually drink water and my black coffee.  Another thing I have learned is that white and brown carbs are the same points.  Matt is happy now, I will finally make him white rice instead of brown.

Another favorite name of mine that I want to share are these macaroons.  I get these from Whole Foods and they are so rich and decadent.  They are only four points for 2 macaroons.  Can't get any better than that!

I weigh in again on Tuesday.  I feel like I have lost more weight.  I am excited about how the pounds have fallen off.  If I could just up my activities, it would happen faster but with this 100 degree heat, its not happening anytime soon.

Has anyone else decided to try WW now?  Any snack tips to share or new recipes that are tasty and low fat/low carb?  Share please!  I need all the ideas I can get.