July 19, 2011

A month of being a vegan

Lindsay came home Sunday and told me her co-worker asked her if she’d like to go vegan with her for 30 days. I’ve never had the desire but my mind started wandering and thinking that I needed a new challenge, so I piped in, “Let me know if you do it, I will think about doing it too.” Matt gave me the “Don’t even think about it” eyes, which I would never ask him to, do anyway. But the longer I pondered, the longer I knew this would be fun goal for the month. I did a quick check on my calendar to make sure I didn’t have any scheduled BBQ’s or special events to make me waiver and I didn’t.

Sunday was my time to gorge on meats, cheese, and milk. I had a chicken- stuffed, cheese-covered burrito at Mi Mexico, caramel macchiato creamer with my coffee, and pork dumplings in the evening. And let’s not forget the chocolate chip cookie dough and Reese cup ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins. Whoa. I never eat like this but heck when you’re going all the way, you kind of have to for emotional release. So, I’m going to try my best to blog as much as I can about my vegan journey.

I'll go ahead and list out my food log on my first day. It wasn't hard, I'm not bored yet and today I feel fine too. It just takes some extra time to think about what I am eating and what to throw together for a meal.


  • Whole Foods seeded 6 grain bread

  • Trader Joes organic peanut butter

  • Trader Joes reduced sugar strawberry preserves

  • Strawberries and mango

  • Passionfruit juice

  • Amy's teriyaki bowl with tofu, brown rice, and vegetables

  • Steamed broccoli

  • Strawberries and mango

  • Water

  • Whole wheat tortillas with black beans, orange bell peppers, Trader Joes salsa, and Boca meatless crumbles

  • Yellow rice

  • Water

  • Banana

  • Baked Ruffles
    Coca-Cola ( I had a huge sugar craving yesterday, which was unusual for me)

  • Lightly salted Peanuts

And fortunately, I'm not starving. Even today I wasn't hungry when I woke up.

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