July 20, 2011

Day Five, I'm Alive!

So far, I am not craving meat like I thought I would. I really have to think about meals to cook, especially when I am making something for Matt too. My body doesn't feel any different now, still the same as always. I have run into a few mistakes when eating food. I really have to read the labels carefully. Some things you might not think would have dairy in it does. The Barilla pasta that is in the yellow box does contain egg whites. Only whole wheat pasta contains no eggs. I am learning along the way and trying not to make any mistakes.

Last night I told Matt I was already thinking about what I wanted to eat when the 30 days is over and he reminded me that it was only Day Four. Back to reality... On a good note, I made a yummy dinner and dessert last night that was vegan. I made jambalaya rice (from the box) and grilled a Light Life Italian Soy sausage. Then I steamed broccoli and made fried okra. Instead of egg to bind my flour to my okra, I just mixed some warm water with honey and salt. Sounds weird but it worked and I couldn't taste the honey. On Wednesday, I made some vegan chocolate chip cookies with Carob chips and they were not good at all. So on Thursday night at the suggestion of my roommate, I added some Trader Joes peanut butter to the dough and they came out spectacular. Recipe to follow this weekend. I’ve also included some vegan items at the top that I’ve purchased for my 30 day plan.

Day Two

o 6 oz coffee
o 1/4 cup Silk organic soymilk
o banana

o Leftover black bean taco mix
o 1 whole wheat tortilla
o 1 Boca "chicken" patty
o 1/4 cup Trader Joes salsa
o 1/2 cup yellow rice

o 1 cup Barilla pasta
o 1 cup marinara sauce
o 6 mushrooms, roasted with olive oil


o 1 spoonful Trader Joes peanut butter
o 1/2 grapefruit
o 5 slices of beet

Day Three

o 1/2 cup 365 Organic peanut butter pows
o 1/2 cup organic unsweetened Silk soy milk

o 6 inch Veggie Delite sub with honey oat bread
o Sun Chips original
o chickpeas

o Boca "chicken" patty on bun
o Alexia red potato fries, baked

o Larabar Apple Pie
o Baked Ruffles
o Vegan Chocolate chip cookies
o Light Life bologna slice on bun with mustard

Day Four

o 2 vegan banana, almond, and coconut muffins
o 6 ounce coffee with soymilk

o Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake

o LightLife Italian soy sausage
o Fried okra
o Broccoli with vegetable margarine

o Handful dried bing cherries
o Handful roasted peanuts
o Vegan peanut butter cookies
o Trader Joes kalamata olive hummus with Baked Ruffles

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