September 1, 2010


I usually write about food, but I thought I’d take a different route today and entertain people with my dating life. Back in June, I joined okcupid, an online dating site to meet new people. So far I have met 3 guys and have 3 very good stories. The last one I met was on Monday night. We have previously emailed a few times and texted over the past weekend. I had officially named him LOL guy because after every sentence in his text messages he writes “lol.” I asked him about it and all he could say was LOL. I was annoyed already, but I thought I’d give him a chance to redeem himself.

I had 2 free tickets to a Legends game that needed to be used, so I met him at Applebee’s ballpark. Let’s just say, it was one of the most boring dates I’ve been on in awhile. As soon as I greeted him in the parking lot, I had a feeling it was going to be weird. Awkward Moment #1 He didn’t act excited or anything, he hung his head and didn’t speak. We proceeded to get our tickets, food, and seats. It was actually the best seats I’ve ever had at a Legends game, right on the 3rd base line, six seats back. Awkward Moment #2 We sat down and he just sits there and stares at the field. He doesn’t engage in any conversation, so I chip in here and there just to see if he will talk. Nope. Then he asks me if there is just seven innings in a baseball game. I guess I’m a baseball snob, but I couldn’t believe he didn’t know how many innings were in a game. He supposedly goes to Reds games all the time, so how did he miss that? It seemed like the longest game ever. I went to the bathroom and actually contemplated ditching the game and leaving, but I didn’t. I wouldn’t want it to happen to me, so I erased the thought from my mind.

The game ended and we walked out to our cars. I said my breezy goodbye, got in my car, and peeled off. Awkward Moment #3 Within minutes of leaving the ballpark, he texts me and says, “I have a question lol what did you think of me?” I replied “LOL”…

Some might think another bum date would cause me to rethink the whole online dating scene. But not me, it makes for great stories to tell.

Another one down…batter up!


  1. Next time reply with this "I am skeptical about the amount you are actually LOLing". I saw it on an e-card one time. hrrt. Keeping it breezy!!

  2. That story is amazing, lol! ;) You have the right attitude. I'm proud of you for not ditching. That would definitely crossed my mind too, but ur right to think about that being unfair, and it would suck for that to happen to you. You're a great writer Tara. :)

  3. That is too funny! Keep posting about them, all you can do is laugh sometimes :)
    My mom told me you were back in KY. We should get together sometime!

  4. I had no idea I had comments on here! Thanks for posting and liking! And yes I am back in KY! Are you still in Danville?

  5. Tara, this is Abbie, Carron's friend. This story made me laugh. A lot. You are funny. This story is funny. And I will keep checking back with your blog.

    PS1- I'm on OKC too. LOL (yes, I really am).
    PS2- At least he waited for you to eat. The last date I had, I was two minutes late and he already had his food. Oh, and a separate tab. FML