September 10, 2010

Deja vu?

I had another online date last night. I had been in contact with this guy for a few months and finally decided to meet him at the movies. From text messages, I knew that he English wasn’t going to be good (he’s from Pakistan) but I knew I could handle it after living overseas.

Little did I know I was going to time warp myself back to Fiji. I felt myself straining to comprehend his words, I had to consciously talk more slowly, and I started speaking to him like I spoke to locals in Fiji. It turned into broken English and my British accent came out again. I wasn’t frustrated at all. It actually put a smile on my face because I felt like I was at the movies in Fiji again. He also choked me the entire night with his cologne. I am not big fan of cologne, I like a guys natural scent....I don’t see this going anywhere, but it was fun. I totally recommend the new Barrymore flick, Going The Distance. It was very funny and romantic.

I'm going to Knoxville for the weekend for Megan's 29th birthday. I am so excited! Until next time...

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