April 10, 2012

How to Create a Terrarium

Has anyone else been excited about the comeback of the terrarium?  Well I am super stoked and so was my mom.  She bought me a glass container to make a terrarium as my first house warming present.  I couldn't wait to get it finished.  My mom watched a how-to video online to get a list of items we needed to buy.

  • Potting soil
  • Pebbles
  • Charcoal
  • Plants
I decided to go with moisture loving plants instead of succulents and cacti.  I found this super cute moss at Meijer called Irish Creep Moss.  Then I picked up the pebbles and the potting soil at Meijer as well.  Next, we headed to PetsMart to find the charcoal.  The only thing we could find was a bag of carbon but the aquarium expert said it would work as a replacement.  Then we checked out the aquarium plants which some were made to be used in aquariums and terrariums which was perfect, so I picked up a tiny fern and another long pointy plant.  (I wish I had kept the labels for the plant names now.)  That's all we needed so we headed home to use our creativity..

First step: Fill the bottom with pebbles; 1 inch high.

Step Two: Add the carbon; 1/2 inch high.

Step Three: Add potting soil; 2-3 inches high.

Step Four: Arrange the plants inside.

Step Five: Water lightly and add the topper.

Voila!  A beautiful, low maintenance terrarium.  Some people may want to add a trinket to the inside or even a flower, just make sure the flower can stand the humidity.

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