September 30, 2011

Breakfast @ Windy Corner Market

Matt surprised me with a trip to Windy Corner Market for breakfast a few weeks ago. I was super pumped when he asked if I wanted to do that on a Sunday morning. I immediately went to go read their menu I printed and stuck to the fridge. Menus are so amusing to me, I love to read them cover to cover. I went through the items over and over contemplating what I would order. How can I choose when there’s so much that I want to try?

Windy Corner Market has various breakfast sandwiches and platters. I settled on the sausage, egg, hash brown, biscuit, and grits platter. Whoa, I know! It sounds like a ton of food and it is. We arrived and it wasn’t as crowded as before. They have started construction on the back porch I noticed. This summer is was an porch open design and now they are winterizing it so that it can be used year round. That makes me happy because I am obsessed with dining al fresco. It’s the one thing I always request when dining out. Plus, I hate air conditioning, so that ties into it as well. 

I walked right up and ordered my food, eggs over easy of course. Matt hadn’t studied the menu quite as long as me (i.e. not at all) so he took a few moments and settled on the same thing as me substitute in bacon, minus the grits and add a biscuit. We were both in for a big meal. The food arrived and everything looked wonderful. The hash browns were different than I imagined. They were more like fried potato pieces but still good. The best part were the grits. OMG! They were by far the best grits I have ever had. The grain is milled right near Lexington in a town called Versailles. The Weisenberger Mill uses an old school water mill to grind grains. They make over 70 products there such as flours, pizza crust mix and cornmeal.  Check out their website if you want to order any products.

The grits at Windy Corner also had a hint of white cheddar. It was just enough cheddar to enjoy the flavor without it tasting like a big blob of cheese. I ate those grits slow and Matt can contest, I don’t eat many things slowly. I always devour things quickly while he sits back and savors food. Back to the meal, the eggs were good, the biscuit was so so. The sausage patties were huge and almost too much meat. Everything was wonderful and we were both stuffed. I didn’t even eat lunch that day. After breakfast, we headed to Sam’s to window shop around the store for an hour or so. I knew I would go straight to sleep if I went back home.

On my next trip to Windy Corner Market, I want to go on a night and get one of their specials. They have a shrimp and grits night which of course now sounds awesome. There is also a few more I’d like to partake in. That place is slowly becoming my favorite restaurant in Lexington.

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