January 25, 2011

I think I'll write a restaurant review

I didn’t have my class this week so I don’t have any school news to write about due to a crazy snow storm last Thursday, but Matt gave me the great idea of writing restaurant reviews on my blog.

Friday night, we went out to IHOP for some pancakes. I noticed the restaurant inspection read “89” as I walked in but I’m not a stickler for those usually, I just eat and am merry. But when we were leaving, I started reading the inspection report to see why they were marked off. One of the reasons read “Mop was not in its proper place”. And guess what was sitting right below the report? The mop. It definitely still wasn’t in its proper place. I mentioned it to the cashier who nonchalantly replied, I never read those inspection reports, I guess I should”. I wish I had gotten a picture. And just in case you order the “smoked sausage” as I did, thinking I was going to get sausage, just know you are going to get hot dogs with your pancakes.

Saturday night, Matt and I went to a semi-new restaurant in Lexington called Sutton’s. http://www.suttonsrestaurant.com/ It’s located right in front of the Kroger parking lot on Richmond Road. I had read about it several times in the newspaper because they make all of their menu items in the restaurant and that had me very interested. We tried two appetizers: the pepperoni pups and meatballs. The pups were pepperoni and mozzarella battered and fried with a marinara dipping sauce. They were especially yummy and I could tell the meat was a good quality. The meatballs were good but nothing special. There was a history with the recipe being passed down generation after generation. For my entrée I ordered the grilled tilapia sandwich with kettle chips. Sutton’s cooks their own kettle chips and they were so good, Matt asked for a side order. The tilapia was disappointing though. It was very fishy and made the sandwich not enjoyable at all. Despite that, I do want to go back and try it again. Their flat bread pizza looked very good.

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